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Which Dinner Tonight? One Will Make You Fat. One Will Help You Lose Weight.

red lobster

This is a lobster tail, corn on the cob and golden mashed potatoes from Red Lobster. It’s only 360 calories.

New york strip

This is the New York Strip, baked potato and broccoli at Outback. Have it with the side blue cheese salad and it’s a budget busting 1922 calories!

Think about that. One of these is 5 times the calorie load than the other! Some people will gain weight at over 1500 calories a day! It’s crazy to have gotten into the habit of thinking such caloric meals are normal. It’s only normal in America and other places that have an obesity epidemic killing the population.

If you were trying to lose weight on 1000 calories a day, it would be a snap with eating habits made up of things like the lobster, absolutely impossible with habits like that steak dinner. With eating habits like that, you’d be guaranteed to be obese.

Please don’t think that you have to live a deprived life or write down and count every calorie for the rest of your life to control your weight. You don’t. I haven’t written down what I’ve eaten or counted calories in 30 years. But I had to work hard in the beginning to create the habits I have and lose the 140 pounds I lost. That included keeping a calorie log for a while, among other things. However, I now have habits of eating the food I like, no diet food, and I enjoy eating now much more than when I was overweight. I go out to great restaurants and celebrate the holidays with great feasts, like turkey, dressing, gravy and even pecan pie on Thanksgiving. And I will never be overweight again.

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