3 Prerequisites for Successful Weight Loss


Can weight loss be fun, pleasurable, natural and even easy? Yes. Many clients, patients and readers using my methods have said so. But there’s a catch. I screen my clients, and I make sure they meet the prerequisites before I’ll work with them. In my book, I make sure readers know about them.

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2 Responses to 3 Prerequisites for Successful Weight Loss

  1. Dropping excess weight is generally tough for me, especially due to the fact I have PCOS it normally make things more complicated. So far though I lost an extra 30 pounds along with another 10 to 15 pounds more right before the New year arrives in . Because for me personally weight reduction will assist me to conceive a son or daughter.

    • It sounds like you are doing great! Don’t forget that making yourself as healthy as possible is the first priority, more important than weight loss, so the way you lose weight needs to be healthy, not just effective for weight loss.

      I’ll send my best wishes and prayers for a great answer to all yours!

      Best wishes.

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