Bill Anderson will appear on “Health IQ with Heidi Godman”


Next Monday, 4/15, I’ll be on “Health IQ with Heidi Godman“, her new one-hour talk show, to talk about permanent WEIGHT LOSS and The Anderson Method for Permanent Weight Loss.

Please listen in and CALL IN TOO! Appearing with me will clients who have “gone public” to talk about their experience with The Anderson Method, people who have been practicing my method for years, having taken off 50 and 80 pounds, permanently.

You can listen and call in, EVEN IF YOU ARE IN OTHER STATES, or even other countries, by listening to the show live on line by going to the website: WSRQ website, home of Health IQ with Heidi Godman

Heidi is a highly respected medical journalist, currently the Executive Editor of the Harvard Health Letter, former medical editor for ABC7, and a journalism fellow for the American Academy of Neurology.

Please listen and call in to ask questions and wish Heidi success in taking her show into national syndication. The show will be live, Monday 4/15, 3-4pm EST, so if you are in another time zone, you need to account for that.

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