William Anderson now Writing for The Huffington Post

Here is a link to my page at The Huffington Post, which will list the articles I’ll be writing for them:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/william-anderson-ma-lmhc Hopefully, they will want me back after the first one, published 3/27.

Thanks go to Dr. David Katz, founding Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center and Chief Editor of the scientific journal Childhood Obesity, for encouraging me in this direction. I “met” David last year via Internet correspondence related to the obesity epidemic. His correspondence and friendship has been a welcome addition to my life. David is also a regular contributor to the HuffPost, and he is engaged in more projects and ventures —  scholastic, medical and entrepreneurial —  than seems possible. Here’s a link to David’s professional website:  http://www.davidkatzmd.com/

Since The Huffington Post has such a large readership,  perrenially the most visited website on the planet, I’ll be publishing most of my articles there, rather than here, on my own less trafficked website. I’ll continue to post announcements and other newsworthy messages here, when appropriate. For a list of my articles written prior to this move to The Huffington Post, see the Table of Contents at the bottom right of this page.

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