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Weigh Loss Frauds – Were You a Victim?

fraud-alertHere, at the link below, is one of my most popular articles on The Huffington Post in the last year, about four huge weight loss frauds caught and stopped by the FTC.

They are just a sample of the rogues gallery of conmen scheming to pick your pocket. Worse than stealing from you, they keep you from using the real solution to your weight problem while sending you on a goose chase that will leave you feeling hopeless. Instead, we need to learn how to change using my methods.

4 Top Weight Loss Scams of the Year (So Far)

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s What to do About it.

Depressed Overweight Woman

Every client I’ve ever had for weight loss has complained of feeling overwhelmed sometimes. Some feel overwhelmed most of the time. For them, the stress and pain of being overwhelmed is one of the main reasons that losing weight is so hard. When they get overwhelmed, all of their good intentions fly out the window.

Developing the techniques and skills to avoid feeling overwhelmed and relieving it if it happens are key to solving the problem. Here are a few of the habits I’ve learned and teach that are a good start to getting a handle on it.

To read the whole story, here’s the link to my latest Huffington Post article.
“Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s What to to About it.”