Welcome Chris Diesen, LCSW, Our Newest Therapist Providing The Anderson Method!

Christina Diesen, MSW, LCSW,  has over fifteen years of professional experience in a variety of settings and age groups, ranging from children through geriatric populations.  She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1997 and Master of Social Work Degree from St. Louis University in 1999.  She is licensed by the state of Illinois as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Chris is a professional who helps her clients generate their own unique abilities and potential, focusing on strengths and discovering a new way to live, where healthy changes become a way of life, rather than another diet.  Chris found The Anderson Method to be a remarkably effective way to help people make these changes, discovering it because of her own journey searching for effective weight loss. She is someone who has experienced her own challenges with weight management and is aware of the challenges that this can present, and she has the professional and personal knowledge to help you overcome and realize your potential and health.

Alternative Solutions by Chris

Chris currently sees clients at the Alternative Solutions Chiropractic & Wellness Coaching, P.C. which focuses on wellness and health.  The Alternative Solution doctors strive to discover what is truly causing symptoms and inhibiting the body from functioning properly. The doctors utilize kinesiology/reflex testing and/or blood/hair/hormone lab testing to find out what is affecting your body and health.

Chris provides The Anderson Method for those interested in learning new habits for a healthy lifestyle that create permanent changes.  She sees clients who choose to make healthful changes, with the initial consultation being free of charge.  Being a client at Alternative Solutions is not necessary, although is an added benefit to the Alternative Solution clients.

Chris’s practice is located in Aviston, Illinois, and she can be contacted though the listing below.

Christina R. Diesen, MSW, LCSW
4989 Old US Route 50
Aviston, IL 62216

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