Think You’re Not Good Enough? Guess What? You Are!

Eventually, all teachers and counselors find that almost all our students and clients wonder, “Am I good enough?” Sometimes, they worry about being attractive enough, or smart or successful enough. These are just a sampling of the doubts that all people (except narcissists) have about themselves. When clients begin to trust me, even some of the most blessed and accomplished people in the world (and I work with a number of them) will tell me they think they are not OK the way they are.

When we wonder, “Am I _______ enough?” the answer we almost always give ourselves is “No.” What a tragedy. How can anyone be happy who believes they come up short in these ways?

As a counselor who specializes in weight control, and the author of The Anderson Method — Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss, I find that many people who want to lose weight think that losing weight will cure their deficiencies. If only they could lose weight and be thin enough, they’d be happy. They’d be attractive. They’d be successful.

However, they are on a wild goose chase. Losing weight will not make us any of those things if our belief is that we are unacceptable the way we are right now. On the other hand, if we can start believing that we are OK just the way we are, we’ve got a good shot at all of those other things ——–

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