Great calorie-tracking app!

One of my great readers, Marylou Hagerty,  just emailed me about this great site that offers the best calorie tracking software and apps she has ever seen. I took a quick look (after 30 years, it’s all automatic in my head) and it looks real good. Take a look.

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Marla Oxley
Marla Oxley
2 years ago

Although this looks very appealing, I am a bit skeptical about using an app to track calories.

The last time I successfully lost weight, apps were not yet part of our daily lives. As long as I kept my handwritten food records, I was thin.

Then, as the techie that I am, I switched to a number of different apps. Slowly, my weight returned.

I am now keeping handwritten records and, once again, the weight is coming off again.

This kay nit be true if everyone, but I find that I need to take handwritten notes in university courses, when reading French literature, even when reading such important materials as The Anderson Method.

For some reason, if the information travels from my eyes, into my brain, out through my right arm and onto paper, I remember the information without further study.

Without this time-worm pathway, I can, and will, soon forget the information.