Guess The Calories in Each of These.


A lot of people would have you believe that “calories don’t count”. But I lost 140 pounds and have kept it off by developing habits of eating what I like within my caloric “budget”. You can too. One of these desserts will help you lose weight. The other is a disaster.

The hot fudge sundae here has 1470 calories. With many women, that’s a whole days’ calorie budget. If she was eating a dietician’s diet, and had something like this only once a week, she’d gain almost 25 pounds in one year! She gain 100 pounds in four years!

The strawberries and cream has only 150 calories. You could have something like this a couple of times a week and lose that 25 pounds at the same time if you knew what to do. Get my book or work with one of my therapists and you can learn how.

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