Increasing Your Real Worth

how to increase your real worth

Do you know what you are worth? Are you happy with it? Discover how to develop infinitely increasing self-worth.

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Marla Oxlley
Marla Oxlley
2 years ago

Couldn’t have read this at a more synchronous time. Recently, I became intolerant of being undermined by a close family member. I put down my foot, stating that I am unwilling to continue to do things for someone who will do nothing in return for me.

The family member took the matter to not only the family at large, but also to one of my colleagues, who happens to have my daughter’s Advanced Placement English teacher in high school. (My daughter attended high school where I taught French.)

I was blown away when unsolicited phone calls, emails, and messages arrived that completely supported me. My embarrassment gave way to determination. As Dr. Phil says, people treat you the way you train them to treat you.

I held my ground, and the family member in question apologized. Of course, I had to graciously accept the apology. As a result, I received congratulations for getting an apology from someone in her late fifties that no one had ever heard apologize for, even regret anything.

Why do I explain all this? I believe the event was different this time because of my lately-enhanced sense of self esteem. And I suspect that my enhanced self esteem is connected to following the elements contained in The Anderson Method.