Losing Weight, Hate and Obesity Bias – The Huffington Post


From my latest article on The Huffington Post, about obesity bias, hate, bullying, and what to do about it:

“When she was an overweight teen, bullies relentlessly tormented Natt Smith, one of The Huffington Post’s  weight loss success stories.

“I was walking down the science hall and one of the notorious school bullies poured milk over my head and followed me around making mooing sounds, pausing only intermittently to ask why I was so fat.”

Part of me wants to cry and part of me wants to get in the car and find the guy. This infuriates me.”

Click here to read the entire article

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Harry R. Williams III
12 years ago

Are you the Bill Anderson who presented his taped set “Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss” in Worcester, MA, just about 25 years ago? I purchased it and started listening again this morning. On the eve of my 65th birthday I’m beginning to really get in touch with the part of your message about feeling worthy. I’ve been an “overachiever” all my life but food has too often been my “reward,” and now I’m ready to listen. Thank you, Bill.