How I Lost 140 Pounds and Kept It Off For Three Decades

I was put on my first diet at the age of seven, and things went downhill from there. I became a  yo-yo dieter, gaining more every year, until, at the age of 33 and 330 pounds, I finally discovered the formula for success.

Then, in 1984, as a behavior therapist and addictions counselor, I discovered methods in behavioral psychology that enabled me to solve my weight problem for good. I lost 140 pounds, and I have maintained an ideal 180 lbs. ever since, for over 30 years. You may not have that much to lose, but  thousands of clients and readers have learned to apply my methods to solve their weight problem. Like learning to ride a bike or play the piano it’s not effortless, but there is no maybe about it. It works. I have never had a client not lose weight following what I teach.

I have volumes of information here at my website and I’ve written a book, now an eBook and audiobook, (listen to a sample of it here) that explains everything I teach my clients. I hope it can help you too.

Here’s some of what I learned:

1) To lose and manage weight, it requires more than just learning about the calories in food and what your body needs. You need to learn how to program yourself and master that part of yourself that manufactures your desires, urges, habits and feelings.

2) Acquiring the right habits is not a matter of intellect and will power. It is a result of training and conditioning in technique from the behavioral sciences. It is a matter of learning how to reprogram yourself, your habits and your feelings.

3) Diets and exercise crusades don’t work. Doing something for a while, even if you lose weight, and then going back to “normal”, will make you worse, not better.

4) Success comes not from denying yourself pleasure and good food, but by forming habits that are more pleasurable, with food that you really like that causes you to become healthy and fit instead of overweight.

You can become successful at permanent weight loss.

Bill Anderson, creator of “The Anderson Method”, before and after his 140 lb. weight loss.

I have volumes of information here at my website (check the “Table of Contents” at the bottom left of the page) and I’ve written a book, now an eBook and audiobook, that explains everything I teach my clients. I hope it can help you too.

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4 years ago

I saw you on the Fitbit forum and a lot of highly defensive, unpleasant people were viciously attacking your ideas and concepts. You said something in particular that struck me to the core—I’m a (mature) middle-aged, petite woman who needs to consume the least amount of calories possible for my body type and activity level. It’s 100% FACT.

Your method is never going to be popular with perpetually hungry yo-yo dieters who are determined to keep stuffing themselves while taking shortcuts. Telling people they need to eat less in this day and age is blasphemous and is liable to get you burned at the stake.

The only thing that has ever worked for me is reducing my intake. Namely to around 1,000 cal a day. Now that I’m 40-something I simply cannot eat any more than that or I will very easily become obese.

I just picked up your book. You’re doing valuable work. Keep it up because there are people like me who truly appreciate and understand your concepts.

4 years ago

Do you offer any cognitive behavioral therapy one-on-one? I’d like to work with you directly if you offer this service.

My brother did CBT during his divorce and it completely changed his life. I was truly amazed. I know how well it works.

You may email me at the email address I provided in this section. I appreciate your help! Thank you!