I Will Persist


I will persist.

The book is not a #1 NYT Best Seller yet and I have not yet set up hundreds of therapists who are booked solid with waiting lists, but,

1) Clients taking the training are succeeding with weight loss,
2) People love the book and it helps them to be successful for the first time in their lives.
3) Readers are calling and workng with and succeeding with therapists, and
4) Book sales continue to increase month by month and year by year.

I will persist with a method that is known to work. That’s how I finally succeeded with permanent weight loss, and that’s probably how I will succeed with the book and therapist network.

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2 Responses to I Will Persist

  1. Yes! Keep moving forward with your vision “I will persist!” Your method is amazing and you speak from the vantage point of successful experience, which has been critical to me.

    As you know, I am a licensed psychologist, but coming to you as a client. I want to work with you to get the word out…I AM getting the word out already…about how effective The Anderson Method is AND drug free.

    I have been to the weight loss clinics and felt I NEEDED those pills they give for weight loss. So many awful side effects after the fast weight loss that I gave up. What an awakening it has been to realize what is happening, medication free, to lose the weight, the negative thoughts, the albatross through your methods.

    Loved seeing this post! I WILL PERSIST!

    • Thanks so much for such a wonderful message! With work applied to the right methods, it’s amazing what we can overcome and what we can accomplish! I know we are doing great things and spreading that success. Thanks again for helping.

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