Therapist Training

Who can be a provider of The Anderson Method?

Only licensed therapists and counselors can qualify to become a provider of The Anderson Method. If you are state-licensed in one of the professions allowing you to provide mental health counseling or psychotherapy and you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to become a listed and authorized provider of the program, please call (941) 952-0401 or email . You will hear back no later than the next business day.

For your clients, this is a structured training program in an eclectic mix of behavioral therapies, along with an education in the psychology of eating and weight loss and nutrition. It is time-tested, very effective and formularized, complete with text and curriculum. The therapist can duplicate the method and its results without having to reinvent the wheel. It combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Psychodynamic Counseling, Cybernetic Self Management or Reprogramming Technique, Psychoeducation and Nutrition Education. Clients come to their counselors for weekly training and counseling sessions similar to other short-term therapies. Clients are encouraged to maintain regular periodic check-ins with their therapist to ensure a happy long term weight loss success, modeling traditional treatment for chronic conditions.

Therapists are trained in a fashion mirroring the training they will provide to their clients. They invest the same kind of work and fees as their clients.  Training is conducted in phone sessions with materials transfered by mail and the Internet. There is no need to travel to Sarasota, Fla. It can be done from home or office.  Training is done on an individual basis, and you will be thoroughly prepared and coached through your first client.

Therapists who would like to solve their own weight problem are encouraged to follow this path.  People using this method for permanent weight loss make great therapists.

This work has proved to be the most satisfying work I have done in counseling. People who struggle with chronic obesity and weight problems suffer greatly. Helping them finally succeed is a wonderful thing. You probably know that the obesity epidemic has become the second-greatest cause of premature death in the country and has more impact on our health care system than any other health issue. While you are helping those who suffer greatly on a personal level, you’ll be on the front lines in our community’s battle against our greatest health threat.

In addition to discovering a way to help clients succeed in weight loss with a no-baloney scientific and effective behavioral solution to obesity, I’ve also discovered a beautiful model for private practice. Since my first year of practice, I’ve had a full schedule and no need to employ office staff.

You’ll learn my simple methods of operation as well as my method of generating physician referrals of qualified and motivated patients who need your help. You’ll also be listed as a certified Anderson Method therapist on this website and will immediately have a professionally produced brochure that physicians can give to their patients. Click here to view a pdf file of The Anderson Method physician brochure. The pdf file will give you an idea of what the brochure looks like, but it does not convey the quality of this professionally designed and produced piece, rich in color on a  fine glossy stock.

If you’d like to get the details and discuss the possibilities, call my office. I’ll call back within the next business day.

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