Reader Laurie Swanson’s Success Story


Laurie Swanson read my book “The AndersonMethod”, loved it, lost about 8o pounds so far, and has become one of The Huffington Post’s Success Stories! It was just published today.

Congratulations Laurie!

Click here to read Laurie’s story

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2 Responses to Reader Laurie Swanson’s Success Story

  1. Live in South Florida. Do you know of any therapists in the area that teach The Anderson Method?

    • Hello, Michelle. The only therapists trained and ready to provide the program are listed on the “Find a Therapist” page. There is one in Ponte Vedra and one in Boynton Beach in training right now, though one does not know if they will be providing until the training is completed.

      I hope you like the book. Also, phone consultation is available with the therapists who are comfortable with that. It is becoming increasingly utilized.

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