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Do you want to solve your weight problem once and for all, lose weight fast and permanently, eat what you like and not have to use diets you don’t like? You can!

Read about my unique solution in my book, listen to the audiobook, or call a weight loss program doctors or obesity therapist in and around Sarasota and Bradenton for an appointment to find out about one-on-one training. The solution is in my methods based on behavioral therapy, techniques I call Therapeutic Psychogenics.

Our weight and our body are the result of the way we behave, our habits. Change the behavior and the body will change. But behavioral change is not an easy thing. Tough habits and addictions have a life of their own. They can control you, rather than you controlling them. They can take over and ruin everything, even if your life’s at stake, even when you want to change more than anything else in the world. “Will power” and “just making up your mind” are not the answer, no matter what you have been told. Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral Therapy have the answer.

With The Anderson Method, there are no diets or diet foods. You don’t have to exercise. Instead of “going on a diet”, the emphasis is on eating what you like in new ways, creating new habits you can live with that do not make you overweight. The Anderson Method is a training program, counseling in an eclectic mix of behavioral therapies I call Therapeutic Psychogenics ® , along with an education in the psychology of eating and weight loss and nutrition. Doctors accept it as state-of-the-art in obesity counseling. It combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy, psychodynamic counseling, cybernetic self-management or reprogramming technique, psychoeducation and nutrition education. But you don’t need to use all those clinical terms. You only need to listen and follow. You’ll develop an understanding of yourself and the problem that you’ve never had before, strengths and abilities you never knew you were capable of. The purpose is to create a permanent change in our automatic habitual ways of acting and thinking, so that permanent weight loss becomes our new habitual way of being. And it works like a charm.

You can work with an expertly trained therapist or counselor in a structured method scientifically proved to provide satisfying results. The counselor teaches and leads you, and you’ll follow him or her through a time-tested program in weekly sessions for between two to three months. You’ll be losing weight at a rate geared for maximum satisfaction and good health while you learn how to keep it off. After that, we like to see clients every three months for the best results, like check-ups with your doctor.

My book describes the program in detail, but to make it easier and certain, you can work with a counselor/therapist. Click on the button above labeled “Find a therapist,” and if there is one near you, you can call today and be on your way.

Almost everyone knows that diets don’t work. Some people can’t exercise because of physical limitations. That won’t prevent you from succeeding at weight loss. I failed at diets and exercise schemes for 25 years until I discovered this unique formula of methods I call Therapeutic Psychogenics. I tried and failed as you probably have for years until, as a behavior therapist and addictions counselor, I discovered this formula of therapy, lost 140 pounds, and started helping others solve their weight problem, too. I’ve maintained this success for more than 25 years and I hope to give it to you.

William Anderson, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Creator of The Anderson Method
Sarasota, Fla.

Here’s what others are saying:


“I took off 25 pounds in 3.5 months, and it has stayed off! Finding out how well I could do for myself was a great gift. I lost and maintained my weight without emotional pain or sense of dissatisfaction…… I had followed William Anderson on Facebook for a while before I decided that I would try his method. I didn’t spend a dime. I told him that I was planning to do it on my own and that if I found I needed help I would contact him. He seemed truly happy and did not in the least try to convince me to buy a thing. Then I checked the book out from the library, read it, made notes, and promptly lost more weight than I had ever been able to do. I was patient – committed to a healthy rate of loss – and took off 25 pounds in 3.5 months, and it has stayed off! But I can tell you that the best byproduct of this method is confidence, how I feel: in control of my own life and well-being.”

Miriam Showalter

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for your wonderful method and a book that touches my life everyday…. 98 days ago I began using your method to lose weight & it is working!!! I have now lost 50 pounds and gained a confidence in my ability to reach my goals that I never had before! I was leery that I wouldn’t be able to do it with the book alone but I have and will continue!! Thank you Mr. William Anderson!!!!!”

Laurie Swanson

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Anderson. I hit rock bottom a little over a year ago and received your book as a gift. I can truly say it changed my life! One year later, I’ve lost 115lbs and that number is growing. I’ve lost weight, but gained confidence. I have become the active healthy person I was always meant to be. After 25 years of fighting this battle I am finally off the weight loss roller coaster. Thank you for helping me change my view of not only food but of myself!”

 Lisa McClure

“I lost 55 pounds using the Anderson Method and have kept the weight off for over a year now. The Anderson Method addresses both the mental and physical aspects of weight loss; techniques and tips and tricks that actually make it easy because you don’t have to rely on will power. Even if you think you’re a hopeless case (as I did), it can change your life. This is the one.”

Rennie C.

“I have seen more significant weight loss in patients using The Anderson Method than any medication could offer. My patients are thrilled. Just thrilled.”

Marc Lupo, MD

“Bill Anderson is a wonder! He summarizes and clarifies diet issues so clearly and well. His expert writing on Huffington Post and Chose Help is read by many. Anyone serious about thinking about health and weight management needs to read The Anderson Method.”

Allen E. Ivey, EdD, ABPP
Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Courtesy Professor, University of South Florida, Tampa

 “Last year I downloaded your ebook and wrote you asking if there were any therapists in the Houston area trained in your method. Unfortunately there are none; but using the dynamics learned from your book I managed to lose 70+ pounds and have kept them off for over a year! I have recommended your book to numerous people and cannot thank you enough for giving me the tools I needed to do this for myself. I am currently rereading your book to refresh my memory and stay strong in my quest to live a healthy lifestyle and put myself and my needs first.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you!”

Dawn McCain

“I lost 60 lbs in 3 months. I was almost 55 and weighed 320 lbs when a great friend recommended The Anderson Method to me. He successfully lost significant weight and he advised me that he believed I too could benefit from it. The Anderson Method takes you on a smooth and easy path through your mind, body and soul, allowing you to understand and resolve your own issues and then fix yourself, especially with regards to losing and maintaining your weight. Strong medicine he brings to us!”


“Revolutionary. The Anderson Method is a profoundly practical book.  If you need to lose significant weight, I highly recommend this book. “

Robert Pretlow, MD
Pediatrician, Obesity Researcher
Childhood Obesity News

“I’m at the beginning of my journey but I’ve lost 16# in three weeks which at 62 I never thought could happen. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Bill Anderson; he’s warm, genuine and straight forward. No magic cures here but solid lessons and support that can change your life.”

Linda M.

“A few months ago I hated my body. I couldn’t believe I was at that desperate place again. Then I came across The Anderson Method. Now I’m at my lowest adult body weight ever and have so much energy. I’m also using the techniques I’ve learned to make positive changes in other areas of my life as well. You really can be healthy”.

Melinda R.     

 “I lost 73 pounds on the Anderson method several years ago and it’s working like a charm”.

Linda C.

“In 4 months I lost 32 pounds and it was sooooo simple. This concept is so simple and after 45 years of trying to control my weight and/or lose weight it is unbelievable! During this time frame I have probably tried all of the traditional,popular,and fad weight loss ideas out there. The word “Diet” is no longer in my vocabulary. “

 J. Gould        

“This book is brilliant and anyone that has a serious weight issue can only benefit from this easy to read book. His approach is unique and I have lost 16 pounds in a short amount of time. Thank you Mr. William Anderson for speaking from your heart. ”

Marcie B.                                                                

 “Head and shoulders above any other systematic approach.”

   Ronald Sorenson, MD

“I wanted to wait until I’d reached my goal weight to post a review, but I can’t wait any longer. This man deserves ultimate kudos for laying it out in terms that all of us who have battled the bulge can relate. I am only 8 pounds away from my goal, a weight I haven’t seen in 16 years. I won’t go into a lot of details, other than to say I have battled yo-yo dieting for 25 years. I have never been thin. I am so excited to finally get there, at the age of 44!”

A. Hansen

These and other excerpts from letters from clients, clincians and readers on the page titled “Testimonials” on the menu.