Welcome, Dr. Leonard Carroll, Our Newest Clinician Offering The Anderson Method.

Asked to give a brief bio of himself for this article announcing his appointment as an Anderson Method Therapist, Dr. Carroll responded: “I am a Board Certified general Surgeon for many years in Tennessee and now in south Florida for 10 years. I am also a Board Certified Addictionologist. I have lost and kept off almost 100 pounds using the only program that has ever helped me -The Anderson Method.”

I had the extreme pleasure to be Dr. Carroll’s therapist, teaching him my method, which he wanted to share with his patients after learning  it and applying it successfully for himself. He is a wonderful man, a great client, and no doubt a great healer.

Dr. Carroll is located in Clewiston, Florida, and he can be contacted though the listing below.

R Leonard Carroll M.D.
540 West Sagamore Avenue
Clewiston, Florida 33440
(863) 885-2735

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